Whales and Another Flat

dscn3003dscn2987dscn2986Thursday morning up at sevento find a tube. And one is found. Hard to believe but it did happen. Sean’s bike is repaired and He and Kalle were off to Antonio’s Eco Whale  watching.  Ryan Shaved, and Tegan and Chuck planned to ride to Mulege to drop off some stuff and meet John and Cary. We brought a new shock and tools for John to correct his Bong problem thanks to Jen at Werkstatt and Kalle’s pocket book.

Rooms in town are 250 pesos a night (14.50 pesos = 1 dollar). Wailing Watching is $40 each for about three hours. The road to Antionios is a fun fast dirt road. 32 miles of which 5 or so are paved. On the boat at 9am and off to see whales. the first two hours consisted of motoring out to “the spot” and putting around with the 90 horse Honda out board. It’s all up to that whale. Then a friendly whale cruised up and parked under the boat. looking down intho the water at a whale is quite a site. Think standing at the base of a 500 year old redwood. Then the whale comes up next to the boat to be pet. on the nose mostly but some behind the blowhole. It rolls on it’s back just like a cat or dog to get it’s chin rubbed too. Quite a site. Whiskers, barnacles, she looks right at you, and blows air from her hole. Not the personality and conversationalist as Coco but quite an experience.

Lunch with a family of whale lovers from Qubec. and lots of stories, email address, experiances and memorys wer exchanged over a lunch.


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