Coco’s Corner and Three more Flats


The group went from nine to five. Clay, Stephan, Casey and Brian are only traveling for a week. so on Tuesday they drove off. This Left Kalle, Tegan, Chuck, Sean and Ryan. After a day of sitting on the beach the group of five headed off to San Ignacio. a longer day 250 miles. first stop is Coco’s corner. And a visit with Coco. I’ve read lots about him on ADV rider but just like when you see a cartoon character on TV with a voice things didn’t seem right. Well after I adjusted to reality I settled in to a 30 minute visit. He recognized our colors and said four other had been there the other day. We check the log book and it was Stephan and Crew. Coco has two vintage (reprints) pictures on the wall one of Pismo Beach (same as we have in the club house) and another of Grass Valley in 1923. Both have SFMC front and center. the 1923 pic also has Oakland and Gold Gate MC. Coco is a bit of a trickster and it hard to figure out if he’s pulling your leg. He got a kick out of the fact that the SFMC has a female president. He showed he a moment of respect before asking he to take off her underwear and hang it from the rafters. pictures were taken and off we went.

15 minutes later the next flat. This time it was Sean’s turn. but there was no 19″ tube to be found. Kalle patch the nail hole and Sean remounted. Done? Nope. Sean pinched the tube. So off it came and two more patches. on it went but the patches failed. to off it came. and a 21″ went in.

At MEX1 a SFMC sticker was placed on the road sign and Ryan’s bike was loaded on the truck. Kalle had a mini pilgrimage an hour later as he drove past the curve he had argued with just one year before. The culvert was recognized and at 25 mph the passing of the year was recalled. In that year Kalle has stopped biting his finger nails, drinking coffee, drinking alcohol, and lost 40 pounds. Only the coffee has been missed.

Just one mile from the really big flag in Guerrero Negro the 21″ tube blew. Off came Ryan’s bike and on went Sean’s bike. No tubes in town just a great fish tacos.  The truck was unloaded and three bikes were put in. And off the group went after stopping at an ATM and Gas. I will be dark before we arrive in San Ignacio. Kalle notices that the horn not working all day is attached to the headlight not working problem on his bike. Just about 20 minutes before night.  It’s been a long day and the pressure is to push on. But for Kalle and his recent pilgrimage the light need to be addressed. First check the fuses. they are OK. next the wiring from the battery which means pulling off the seat. That’s OK. Next take off the tank and look for problems. None. To most after a long day and 10 pieces of the bike on the ground this doesn’t looks good. next the front panel. Yep. Sean spots the problem. A electrical connection came loose and headlight works after reattached.

The sun is down now but the group is holing together. Chuck has leadership in his blood and can see things that will challange the group from a mile away and heads them off. The group is off. and a hour of riding in the dark. The Truck leads now and two bikes follow.


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