San Ignacio to Mulege




We were to Meet  John and Cary in Mulege at 10 am which ment for an early departure from Hotel Pousada in San Ignacio. Antoniois the owner. We was up in the morning to see us off. The hotel is just on the other side of the town square from the highway. The members of the SFMC have been staying there for years and don’t look for other options. Antonio and his father have won their trust. Casey Sent a box of cigars for Antonio’s Father and Chuck said in the past Antonio has stayed up all night to make sure Chucks gear was safe. The rooms are in good shape but the water pressure leaves one wanting. We did hear other visitors complaining next store about a number of things through a brink wall. Also there a sign on street claim that the Hotel has Hot water 24 hours. We noted like 24 hour Fitness that doesn´t mean in a row. No whining here. Rooms are 250 pesos a night which is 17 dollars. So Stay there when your in San Ignacio and Bring some Cigars for Antonio’s Father.

Off at 8:30 sharp. It’s only a two hour ride to Mulege. Gas is 7.4 pesos/liter which is about 1.90 a gallon. Diesel is about the same. We stop twice as much since the support truck uses diesel and not all gas Pemex Stations have Diesel. The bikes get topped off at most stations. It’s common that a station is out of Gas or diesel.

We stop at the Volcan de las 3 Virgenes. Tegan Says all Baja Virgins need to have their picture taken there. Santa Rosalia next. A short drive through town to a ATM. Very different architecture. Most old building are made of wood. and the Church was designed by Eiffel. It looks like it is made of iron and Rivets. Not much time to see things past riding through town. But I’ll go back in a day or to. Next stop Mulege. Yea made it. John and Cary Are waiting for us at the same place there were last year and the year before. We have Cabin 4, 5 and 6. Bachelors in Cabin 4 and couple and first to arrive in 5 and 6. 1260 pesos for six days. That’s 14 per day. The cabins have a bath, burner to cook on and two beds. The better have tile floors (5 and 6).

The trip has really slowed down. From flats and riding to sitting at the beach. Cary and John Drive into Laredo to pick up Liz (Cary’s cousin) from Ohio.

So far the food has been a bit spendy. 10 dollars for plate of food. is about average. But it is great food. Rooms on the beach and nice locations are about 15-40 dollars a night. which is not bad. Gas is cheap. and good quality. Most places we’ve been staying and eating are full of gringos. lots of California plates and not knowing Spanish is not a problem. Sean speaks Spanish very well. And is very willing to help out. He has the gift of gab, Which works well when negotiating prices. Most of use know enough Spanish to get by.

We have modified our plans a bit. We will try to camp at Coco´s corner on the way back. Coco is such a charector  and we all think it will be fun to spend some more time there. And he extended the off to stay for free when we saw him a few days ago.


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