We are in Mulegenow. the weather is over cast and It even rained a bit. The forecast is for sunny 80 degree days. We come up with a plan to ride bikes ( Kalle, John, Ryan and Sean) south and up the peninsula we are looking at across the Bahia de Conception. Chuck, Tegan, Cary and Liz would boat across. Off 27 miles on pavement and then a left through a rancho. Past a calf and his mother so new that he was still dripping  from the birthing process. 5 miles east till we head north up the peninsula. The road was rough, rocky, sandy and with a number of wash crossings. Navigation was simple. Keep the Bay on our left and in site. We calulated that the goup could go 150 miles collectivly with the gas we had so we decided to go only 65 miles before turnin around. At mile 60 we found a nice sandy beach with easy access fro the road so we stopped. Sean that that the best way to signal the boat would be to stir up lots of dust. And he did so. Kalle pointed his bike across the bay to the Camp and blinked his headlight on and off. In a matter of only five minutes Chuck and Crew was spotted. The had seen our dust trail further south and then a white helmetand finally headlights.

Chuck landed the boat and the group was reunited for  lunch. Cary and company had made lunch and brought drinks. We lounged on the beach from up to an our. Talk focased ontheboat ride over, the condition of the road, and how wonderful the lunch was. The were so many shells and bird bones on the beach we discusses assembling a skeleton of the legendary Chupracabra.

Chuck had found a Chupracabra skull the day before and based on the size of the Chupracabra droppings we had seen on the trail we figures it must be really big. Just then Sean found half of a bird (the wings) and attched them to his day bag. He suspected it would give him the power to fly but all were discusted and they were removed promptly.

The group split again. Chuck and his group set sail west back to the camp and John, Kalle, Ryan and Sean headed south on the road. A few cactus wer slapped with out bark busters, arms and legs and a slightlt differant route was taken back. Sean in the lead going fast, Kalle and Ryan following (not at fast but perhaps too fast), And John bring up the rear. Finally only a few miles from the paved road. Kalle Came apon a large dip in he road when upon existing caused him to slap his tank a few times with his handle bars and dismount to the right. Ryan Hot on Kalle’s tail failed to stop in time despite a success application of the emergecystop reactions and ran into Kalle’s bike which was sitting across the road. This prompted Ryan to dismount after hitting Kalle’s Gas Tank. John rode up just after to pick up Kalle’s bike’s which was spilling gas due to a rip in the tank caused by the front wheel of Ryan’s Bike. Ryan was up first and then Kalle. But Where Kalle stayed up Ryan went back down. He had broken his Radius (near the wrist). Ryan had also bent  forks and broke and spoke. An initial assessment of Kalle found him to be fine as his get off would have been only a comment in the daily ride report if not for the  proximity of Ryan. The initial survey of Ryan confirmed his brokeness and ruled out other injures.

Sean road back to camp to get the truck and John and Kalle tended to Ryan splinting his wrist and monitoring. An hour later Chuck and Sean returned with ice and the truck and the group returned to the camp. A short trip to the clinic found a very friendly doctor who applied a better splint. The next day an xray confirmed the initial prognosis. The bone would need assistance to heal correctly and Ryan will likely fly back to San Francisco in a day or two. Cost of the xray and doctor visit was 400 Pecos or about 30 dollars. Cost to have the split tank welded was 300 pesos or 20 dollars.

Kalle asked John if his get off broke Kalle’s New Years Resolution, John commented that it is only an accident if club you get  a card from the club. Kalle doesn’t need a card but it would be nice to get one to Ryan.


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