More flats South out of San Felipe



The road south out of San Felipe is about 35 miles of paved highway and then 35 miles of rocky road. The group is nine strong now. Sean Rides fast. Casey is having some problems with is BMW. seems it not really a dirt bike and handles like shit. He is a good rider but he says he’ll keep the bike for his day job. Stephan continues to rave about how great his DR is, he always speaks passionately about everything which makes for a good travel partner. Chuck is driving his truck some times at 5 mph. he’s patient and says the only thing that is keeping his going is the satellite radio. We tried to get a Mexican station but could only get Cuban tunes. His truck is doing over time. When a bike breaks down we try to fix it and if that doesn’t work we put it on the truck tail gate. at time the truck is carrying up to three bikes. Chuck changes his Mohawk colors every day. Red, rainbow, next the mexican flag colors. I’m wondering how he is going to get the bird  detail.  

Ryan is riding a Xr250. he{s fast and having a ball when not on the pavent. He did get a flat on the way to Alfonsina. With a support truck and extra 18″ tubes the back was back on the road on about 45 minutes. We arrived in Alfonsina at 3 pm for a gas stop and a dip in the ocean.


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